Jonestown Audio is a professional boutique audio editing & mixing studio, built & equipped with both vintage & modern equipment.

Here at Jonestown Audio we deliver precise audio editing, mixing and production within deadlines and budget. The studio is equipped with a Pro Tools digital workstation, which allows changes to be made quickly and accurately. We serve audio editing and mixing needs of clients who range from mainstream rock/indie bands to jazz and classical projects. No project is too big or small.

Jonestown Audio’s professionalism, renowned gear, affordability, and experienced engineer can make the mixing studio an ideal place for your next project. We believe in taking the client’s special project to another level. We cater

to you, the band/the artist. Jonestown offers services including, but not limited to, audio editing & mixing, album / EP producing & arrangement, editing and mixing for voiceovers.

Your audio projects will find a home here in this professional mixing studio.



At Jonestown Audio, the head engineer is one Mitchell Lah. I graduated from JMC Academy upon completing a Bachelor Degree in Audio Engineering and Sound Production. After doing some freelance work throughout Melbourne, recording and mixing music from Jazz,
Blues and Orchestral, I travelled to Vancouver for a few months where I did some live work in the local pubs. After deciding that studio work was my one passion I decided to move back to Australia and build my own studio. Thus Jonestown Audio was born.


Jonestown offers services including, but not limited to, audio editing & mixing, album / EP producing & arrangement, editing and mixing for voiceovers.

Chords for thought

Consider where your project is right now. Do you want to polish off and take your demo of a few songs or your album to the next level? Consider what role your EP/Album will play
in the upcoming months/years of your career. Shoot me an email and we can discuss the right way to mix, master and promote your project.

Clients (Bands, artists, voice over etc) can choose a variety of ways to get their audio tracks (Single track, EP, album etc) to me – via email, through the post or upload them to a private dropdox. Throughout the whole process constant communication with you, the client, is paramount, to ensure that your project is all that it can be.

JA_Services_02Please Email me for the dropbox link

Prior to any editing or mixing I will have a chat with you to find out your artistic visions for your project. Once I have received the audio tracks, I will take care of any editing that needs to be done and then begin to the mix and remove any unnecessary or unwarranted elements. Upon completion of the technical aspect of mixing, the artistic mixing begins. Throughout the mixing process, I will offer and invite ‘listening points’; whereupon I will upload a 40 second sample for you to listen to, to make sure that your artistic vision is translated. If you like what you hear, I will send you the entire track or album in the format that you choose. If you don’t like what you hear, I will tweak based on your feedback until you are completely happy.


Each project is different. I like to work within your budget to provide the highest standards in song production and audio mixing in my studio. Please contact me to discuss wants and needs to better delivery a more accurate quote.

JA_Services_04Payment terms

Upon complete of the project, full payment must be made and clear before any full tracks are released.
For Australian clients, payment is via Bank Deposit For International clients, payment is via PayPal.
An invoice will be sent to an email address with a breakdown of the fee structure, with the payment details attached.




Jonestown Audio’s studio utilizes vintage and modern pre-amps, EQ and Compressors, along with a Protools rig to offer quick and precise edits and changes.

• Protools Digital Workstation

• Rosetta 200 AD/DA  Convertor

• Samson Patchbay x 2

Pre Amps

• Purple Biz MK Mic Pre

• JDK R20 Dual Mic Pre

• Avedis Ma5 Mic Pre


• Phoenix DRS-EQ

• TLA Dual Valve EQ


• Purple Audio MC77 Limiter

• Overstayer Stereo Compressor

• Vintage Octo Compressor

• Custom RJR Stereo Bus Compressor

• FMR Stereo RNC ‘Really Nice Compressor’


• Vintage Valve Tube Spring

• Reverb Effects unit

• Rupert Neve Portico 5042 – True Tape FX


• Krk Rokit 5”

• Yamaha HS-80



Our latest posts and sounds

Hidden Charms – Sunny Side

Check out this band I’ve just stumbled across. Hailing from London, the Hidden Charms mix early blues and rock with a modern flare. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.


Pond – Man, It Feels Like Space Again (2015)

Please note – This information was taken from www.recordstore.co.uk

On January 26th, Tame Impala offshoot Pond will release their new album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. The nine-track effort is the psych rock outfit’s sixth LP to date and follows last year’s Hobo Rocket.

Man It Feels Like Space Again lives up to the inherent wonder in its title, a sweeping collection of warm, warped psychedelic gems. It brings to mind the work of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, mid-’70s Lennon, MGMT, Todd Rundgren, Supergrass and any number of other genre-hopping sonic/space-explorers.

“The album covers an extraordinary amount of ground in its 45 minutes. Opener ‘Waiting Around For Grace’ sounds like an FM pop hit beamed in from a nearby planet, all wonky propulsion and giddy hooks – the perfect opening blast. ‘Elvis’s Flaming Star’ stomps like a ’70s glam band coached by Bowie, before collapsing into and out of a mid-tune daydream.

Elsewhere on the record there are blissed-out ballads (‘Sitting Up On Our Crane’, ‘Holding Out For You’), twisted, futuristic raves (‘Zond’), lysergic epics drenched in reverb (‘Heroic Shart’), and the gorgeous 6/8 classic ‘Medicine Hat’. By the time you hit the finale: the out-of-control, ever-shifting eight-minute title track, it definitely feels like space… again, man.


1. Waiting Around For Grace
2. Elvis’ Flaming Star
3. Holding Out For You
4. Zond
5. Heroic Shart
6. Sitting Up On Our Crane
7. Outside Is The Right Side
8. Medicine Hat
9. Man It Feels Like Space Again

New Album - 2015

New Album – 2015

Get your ears around this

Mystic Braves – A psych band out of LA

What are you listening to right now? I cannot stop listening to a band out of LA by the name of – Mystic Braves.

Julian Ducatenzeiler (guitar & vocals), Tony Malacara (bass & vocals), Shane Stotsenberg (guitar & vocals),
Cameron Gartung (drums), Ignacio Gonzalez (organ/tambourine) melt together the sounds of the psychedelic rock n roll music of the 60′s with a fresh take on the scene. These lads not only look the part, but they have the musical knowledge, skill and vibe to back it up. They have mastered their sound to a tee and I just cannot get enough of their tunes.

Check them out – http://www.mysticbraves.com/

This Other Kingdom – Telescopic

I have had the pleasure to work with this amazing band over the past month on their upcoming album ‘Telescopic’.

A little bit about This Other Kingdom.

This Other Kingdom is a 4-piece Neo-Psychedelic Rock band based in Dublin. Which comprises of Del Kerton, Declan Dunne, Fran Mulholland and Chris Sweeney.

They mix a heady cocktail of sonic guitars with driving bass lines and dark but anthemic vocals to create a wall of Psychedelic sounds.

The have released an EP and a Single to date, both being playlisted on radio stations across Ireland, Canada, UK, America, Belgium and Brazil. Their debut EP ‘Sunlight’ was recorded in Bluebird Studio’s in Co.Kildare. It was mixed by Niall Curran of Hobo Audio and was mastered by Aidan Foley. It was released in April 2013.

Their debut single ‘Rise’ was recorded in Darklands Studio in Dublin. It was mixed by Daniel Doherty of Ghost Estates and was mastered by Fergal Davis. It was released in December 2013.

They’re album named ‘Telescopic’, mixed by Mitch Lah at Jonestown Audio, is due for release on April 11th 2015


Jonestown Audio – Soundcloud track of the day

Band – The Citradels
Song – Dead Time

Check out this band. If your in Melbourne, try and catch them live. For everyone else, find a way to listen to them. They have been a fav of mine for a while now. Its so good to hear amazing psychedelic rock n roll from Australia. Keep making awesome music guys.

Dig this.

Jonestown Audio – Soundcloud Track of the Day

Band – The Limbs

Song – Try

The Limbs are a raucous Melbourne-based rock band. This recently formed four-piece combines a litany of influences from early country and blues, through 60′s and 70′s folk and rock, to modern noise and psych music. Songwriter Byron Butler wails over a maelstrom of screaming guitars, driven by a propulsive duo of bass and drums. The Limbs recall a boozy stomp at a barnyard dance one minute, a slurred serenade by a drunken uncle the next and a chaotic garage rock frenzy the nexter. If you like your ears full to brimming come and catch rock reprobates the Limbs.


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